Thursday, April 14, 2011

The sourdough experiment

I love sourdough but it's really hard to find decent sourdough out there, that isn't flavored.  I once made my own starter out of store-bought yeast but just didn't find it that special (though admittedly better than Kroger sourdough loaves).  So I found this company that sells vintage yeasts from around the globe   They had San Francisco sourdough yeast so I purchased some of that.  Now I have embarked on a journey to raise, feed, breed and sustain this pet yeast and then slaughter it ritualistically for my bread.  I can't wait!  With special care, it could last my lifetime and it all starts with activating the little yeasty beasties.  They recommend building a proof box but I've managed to rig my oven to maintain a steady 90 degrees Fahrenheit with only the light and a wooden spoon propped in the door for ventilation.  The initial 24hr proof is almost complete.  THEY'RE ALIVE!  Eat up little creatures, eat up!

It will likely be a week or more before I will have my first loaf but I believe it will be well worth the wait.  This is how it's done folks - slow, honest to goodness food.

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