Thursday, April 14, 2011

Indoor garden: April, 2011

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomatillo
So far, the garden is growing well.  I have much to plant this year and only a fraction of it is started indoors.  I have here both my dyer's garden and my vegetable garden.  I save up plastic trays that I get at nurseries for my transplants and make other pots out of newspaper (see the tomatoes).   As per usual, I've planted more than I can grow and probably planted things that really ought to be directly seeded outdoors but after our long, dreary winters, I can't help myself and plant extra just to see green.  If they don't make it to planting time, I will simply direct sow and play the taps at the compost heap for the ones that didn't make it.

Weld and chamomile

Other veggies I will plant this year are corn, squashes and beans.  The strawberries that I planted last year from seed are doing well and are growing already, even though the weather has been fairly cold.  The salad garden that I planted in March is up as well.  I'm still waiting on the asparagus and horseradish to sprout.  The rhubarb is growing (I planted more too).  The grapes this year seem to be holding off, which is good considering they usually sprout leaves and bunches well before the last frost date and get frozen.  Hopefully they hold off a little longer.  We still have until mid-May before planting time.


I have a ton of plants for dyeing too.  The Calendula is already planted and growing outside. Madder, weld, indigo, anthemis, coreopsis, calliopsis and dahlia are some of the others.  I'm sure some of these won't fare as well as others but it is experimental so we'll see.

More weld and dahlia

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