Friday, April 15, 2011

Musical Masterpieces

Last night, my middle child had a concert at his school with his fellow third-graders.  It was awesome!  The idea was this: they chose a painting, painted a backdrop and wore costumes to recreate the piece and then sang a song they felt was related to the painting.  For instance, my child's picture was Baile an Tehauntepec by Diego Rivera.  So the girls dressed in red and the boys in white and posed in front of a backdrop painted by a student and sang La Bamba.  Logan insisted on sewing his own costume (he would have tried it himself if I hadn't intervened) so I taught him the basics of sewing and I'm proud to say he pretty much sewed his own pants.  Pretty clever, this concert and definitely complex.  Kudos to the teachers for putting this all together.  There were 13 paintings and songs all together.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Logan is on the right, in yellow


Baile an Tehauntepec, Diego Rivera

The Lantern Bearers, Maxfield Parrish

The Drinkers, Vincent Van Gogh

Buying Ponies in the West, Frederick Remington

The Umbrellas, Renoir


  1. haha! Hilarious!! How clever. Pat Logan on the back for me.

  2. Hello Elizabeth,

    I found your post via Etsy -- (I MUST have that x-stitch of yours with the butterflies!) I raise five varieties of butterflies in my back yard here in Florida. I harvest the eggs, keep them in my "nursery" and release them just hours after they emerge from their chrysalises. It's a lot of fun, it's amazing, and it allows me to give a tiny bit back to nature.

    The projects that your son Logan has done with art and music are just wonderful. I see there is hope for the future of our crazed and cynical world. I see that hope in the lives of young people like you and your children.

    I hope you will continue to love our planet and educate your family in the manner you are now pursuing. You bring great comfort to the "senior" generation who want the best for the future of our children and our grandchildren.

    Thank you for all of your efforts -- they are greatly appreciated.

    June Shaw
    Orlando, FL